Upton Castle Gardens are now closed for winter

We look forward to reopening to visitors on the 1st of April 2024

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Upton cafe will reopen with the Gardens in spring

Offering a homemade and delicious selection based upon the best and freshest homegrown produce picked from our very own walled garden.

Closed for winter

With a rich array of options, we're thrilled to offer an exquisite selection of teas, aromatic coffees, and a delectable array of homemade cakes and light, flavorful lunches.

Our ethos is to serve delicious homecooked food made with locally sourced, fresh, and seasonal ingredients.

Cafe Image
Cafe Image

We work hard to purchase sustainably and use our own produce whenever possible.

We also work to minimise our waste, so have purchased preloved cafe equipment, and avoid disposables entirely.

Our traditional china adds a touch of sophistication, while our commitment to minimising waste means we avoid prepackaged items and canned beverages.

To do our bit to preserve both the local and global environment, ecological considerations guide our efforts to minimize waste and emissions. This includes the omission of fizzy drinks and the reduction of prepackaged food items.

Organic and homegrown or locally grown produce first, always.

We only buy products that can be grown in the UK climate. This means UK vegetables, dairy, meat, and even flours.

Where this is not possible, we make the most environmentally-conscious choice possible. Here we consider emissions resulting from both farming methods and transportation to reach Pembrokeshire.

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This means so our menu is flexible depending on what's in season.

We enjoy experimenting and trying new things, as well as getting to know some familiar faces

Join us as we develop a menu that nurtures our sustainabity principles, tastes great and is easy to serve out of our airstream trailer.